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The intragastric balloon system from Orbera is a weight loss system, where a gastric balloon is used that takes up space in the stomach.



We offer free trial before a possible Gastriball surgery, where the specialist is ready to give you advice and guidance.



The calculator shows your BMI and determines if you are fit for a gastric balloon. We do not recommend treatment if your BMI is below 27.

Intragastric balloon is a weight loss system that can an alternative to weight loss surgery

Do you suffer from overweight with BMI of over 27, and have you considered an obesity surgery? So, a Gastriball gastric balloon can be the optimal solution for you. Gastriball can be termed an obesity operation with balloon but does not require surgical intervention and therefore painless and as normal obesity surgery, the surgery limits the space in the stomach and thereby your overall calorie intake.

 The method is used in overweight adult patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30-40 kg/m2 and who have not been in a position to lose weight through diet and exercise.

 Orbera’s intragastric balloon system takes up space in the stomach in order to help patients lose weight. The balloon is temporary and should be removed after 6 months.


At Gastriball we can not only help you with weight loss through gastric balloon, but also through a professional dietary and training course that can further increase your weight loss.

Dr. Baher Hadi, a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery to talk about weight loss using stomach balloon technology

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If you are in doubt about a stomach balloon surgery is something for you, see the most frequently asked questions here.

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