How Does The Orbera Balloon Work

Orbera Balloon
The Balloon Itself and the intervention

The Orbera balloon is a weight loss system that uses a gastric balloon to take up space in the abdomen. The balloon is placed in the stomach through the mouth using a non-invasive endoscopic procedure while the patient is under mild sedation. When the balloon is placed in the abdomen, it is filled with saline, after which it expands and take up the desired space in the abdomen.

How the orbera Balloon works

The balloon takes up space in the abdomen to help patients lose weight. . The balloon is removed after 6 or 12 months depending on the type.

Results With Orbera

Studies show that patients who have used a gastric balloon lost an average of 3 times as much as people who only changed their diet and activity level (source). With a Gastriball treatment, you will also get advice and guidance from one of our experienced dieticians who will help you with your diet and exercise. Together with the dietician, you will put a plan that will complement the Orbera Abdominal Balloon and provide lasting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle


The adjustable balloon is a safe and effective way to lose weight without surgery. A study of 77 patients (66 women and 11 men) using the Spatz adjustable balloon showed a mean weight loss of 17.2 kg. The average weight loss of excess fat was 40.1% and more than 80% of the patients achieved large weight loss.

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