What is an Overstitch endoscopic gastroplastic?

Gastroplasty means changing the volume or shape of the stomach (or both). In endoscopic gastroplasty (ESG), both the shape and volume of the stomach are changed by folding the inner wall of the stomach. ESG is a simple operation that can be described as being a non-surgical procedure, as one does not need to make a surgical incision on the patient's body.

The procedure itself is performed by inserting the endoscope through the mouth and down into the stomach, where the stomach is then sewn together from the inside. No tissue will be cut or removed at any time during the procedure, which significantly reduces the risk of subsequent complications. After the procedure, the stomach's size will usually be reduced by around 40% to 50% compared to it's original size.

The benefits of a stomach size reduction are greatest in people with a BMI between 30 kg/m² to 40 kg/m² (click here to find yours) and for whome the necessary lifestyle changes have been a challenge. In other words, ESG will provide you with the necessary conditions to start your weight loss program.

How the procedure is performed

ESG is performed under general anesthesia, despite it being performed as an outpatient treatment, meaning the patient will be discharged the same day of the procedure.

The surgeon inserts the endoscope and the advanced wire device through the mouth to reach the abdomen. Using an advanced thread technique, the surgeon "folds" the inner layers of the stomach using the endoscope, which is then subsequently sewn with a special overlock technique. This results in a significant reduction in the volume of the stomach - by up to 40-50% it's original size.

Unlike traditional form of surgery, where the surgeon executes the procedure through the skin, this type of procedure is done through the mouth and consequently, does not leave any surgical scars. The small perforations that occur in the inner layers of the stomach when the folds are sewn together have a very short healing time, compared to the more traditional methods.

Consultation with the doctor
After the procedure

After undergoing ESG, it is very important to drink plenty of fluids, but you must avoid solid foods for the subsequent 10-14 days.

Since the procedure is outpatient, you will be discharged the same day. However, it is expected that you will feel sharp pain in the first days after the procedure, and the associated doctor will therefore prescribe painkiller medication for you.

Vitamins and other supplements are needed for a period after the procedure. In some cases, however, it will be necessary to continue vitamin and dietary supplements for an extended period of time.

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