The balloon itself

Spatz3 Adjustable balloon is made of high quality medical silicone. It is filled with colored saline, saline. The amount of saline (the size of the balloon) is determined by a binocular examination. It will absorb about one third of the volume of the stomach. When the balloon is in place, the stomach is slowed more slowly because the balloon keeps the food in the stomach for a long time. At the same time, the balloon causes internal pressure in your stomach which sends signals of eating less.

Valve: Unique for Spatz3 Balloon

The unique retractable valve provides the possibility of adjusting the size of the balloon, thus increasing your chances for better results.

The procedure

Spatz3 Adjustable balloon inserted ambulant. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and performed during sedation. No incision or hospitalization required. You will be home within two hours.

Spatz3 Adjustable balloon is a tool to support weight loss and will provide the best results when used in lifestyle change.

The amount of weight loss after stomach balloon deployment depends on how closely you follow your dietary change and exercise. Depending on your initial weight and your motivation, weight loss can vary a lot.


Orbera balloon

Midsil balloons are a weight loss system that uses a gastric balloon that occupies space


Medsil balloon

Orbera balloons are a weight loss system that uses a gastric balloon that occupies space.

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