The balloon itself and the intervention

Spatz Balloon
The Balloon Itself and the intervention

Spatz3 adjustable balloon is made of high quality medical silicone. It is filled with colored saline, the amout of saline is determined by a binocular examination. The Spatz3 balloon is supposed to occupy a third of the volume of the stomach. Once the balloon is in place, the stomach empties more slowly because the balloon holds the food in the stomach for longer. At the same time, the balloon provides internal pressure in your stomach, which makes you feel full quicker and as a result eat less.

How the Spatz Balloon works

The Spatz3 Balloon is equipped with a unique valve that can increase or decrease the size of the balloon. The unique retractable valve provides the ability to adjust the size of the balloon, thereby increasing your chances of getting better results. If you experience an increased feeling of satiety with Spatz, the size of the balloon can be reduced. It's size can also be increased if the opposite is true. The doctor can adjust the size of the balloon while it is still in the stomach, the procedure is therefore easy and almost always painless.

Spatz3 balloon is inserted on a per patient basis. The procedure takes approx. 15 minutes and is performed during sedation such that no incision or hospitalization is required. You will be home within 2 hours.

The adjustable balloon is a tool to support weight loss and will give the best results when used in parallel with lifestyle change. The amount of weight loss after inserting the abdominal balloon depends on how closely you follow your diet plan and exercise. It also depends on your initial weight and your motivation, weight loss can vary greatly from person to person.


Spatz3 has the CE mark and therefore complies with all EU legal requirements regarding medical devices. The balloon is also approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which corresponds to the Danish Ministry of Health. For 20 years, this treatment has helped more than 220,000 people worldwide.

FDA trials

A recent FDA medical trial has shown that the Spatz3 adjustable balloon has the highest success rate of all gastric balloons. Click here to read more.

To find out more on how to get started with Spatz3 gastric ballon, you can read the pre-treatment guide here

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